We can provide:

  • breathalysers for alcohol testing
  • manual and automatic drug testing kits
  • all your accessories and consumables e.g. breathalyser mouthpieces, mobile printers
  • quick calibration, either remotely or at your site

Top quality alcohol and drug testing equipment at industry-leading prices – plus all the support you need to operate your own testing equipment.

If you’re planning to run your own drugs and alcohol testing programme, you will need:

  • breathalysers for alcohol checks
  • drug test kits
  • consumables such as mouthpieces
  • a company or lab who can process failed drug tests
  • knowledge of how to use the equipment


We sell a number of breathalysers – including handheld units and ones that fit into vehicles and prevent the engine starting unless a breath test is passed by the driver. Some breathalysers can link to mobile printers to allow printed results on the spot.

Drug test kits

Drug test kit types are more diverse, as they can test different mediums – urine, blood, saliva, sweat or hair. The type you need will depend on the ‘history’ of misuse you want to identify: saliva gives a very recent view of misuse, while hair can give evidence over many months.

One interesting drug test product we can supply is the Dräger DrugTest 5000. This saliva tester is almost a portable laboratory, giving you automated test results within minutes. Used by police forces in the UK, the 5000 is rechargeable, rugged and portable, allowing you to test your employees anywhere – even in the cab of a vehicle.


We can also supply all the consumables you’ll need to operate your equipment, such as mouthpieces for your breathalyser, and all the training needed to operate the equipment successfully.

Lab testing

Objective Health can handle laboratory confirmations on your behalf should you have any failed drugs tests, using our UKAS registered partner lab.

Not really. Remember that the products we supply have been designed to be quick, effective and simple to use – and to be used in challenging places such as roadsides, construction sites and factories.

The most complicated issue when using equipment is not the equipment itself but making sure you follow the right procedures when using it, such as how you handle equipment to prevent accusations of contamination.

We can provide training in using any of the equipment we sell, as well as how to ensure you don’t invalidate a test through incorrect procedures.


Our breathalysers are supplied by major manufacturers who’s products are used across the world by police and armed forces, government departments and many businesses.

The breathalysers we supply are the same as we use ourselves as we rely on their build quality, durability and accuracy.

Drug tests

We provide drug testing equipment manufactured by Intelligent Fingerprinting, Dräger and registered laboratories such as Matrix Diagnostics and LGC. Their equipment is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure legally defensible testing.

These manufacturers are constantly evolving their products to cater for new substances of misuse, and bespoke testing kits are possible if you have specific test requirements.

There are lots of examples of cheap breathalysers and drug testing kits available for a few pounds – a quick look online will confirm that.

While these may be adequate for personal use (e.g. checking if safe to drive after a drink) they will in no way stand up to scrutiny if used in a situation where an employee could face disciplinary action.

Action against an employee needs to be based on a result from quality equipment as used by police forces and government departments. Cheap, unproven products are worthless in such cases.

Calibration – checking the accuracy of test equipment and adjusting it as necessary – is a vitally important element of test kit use.

By calibrating your equipment to the manufacturer’s guidelines, you ensure your testing is accurate. Should anyone challenge a test result at any point, proof of calibration (and hence proof of accuracy) will be essential.

Returning equipment to a manufacturer can often mean being without your equipment for weeks. Objective Health can calibrate all your equipment really quickly – even there and then at your site – minimising disruption and making sure you have your test kit ready for action as soon as possible.

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